Skate Day Fun Day Edit Explained!!!!!

Consistency is behind every success.  Process and form in all art should have a familiarity that puts a stamped legacy for the viewers of said art. In an attempt to streamline the mallisonwhat online personas, I present to you blog readers our recent youtube edit.

Are more words necessary?  Should I elaborate for the sake of elaboration, or minimalize the wordage for the relaxation of doing no more? Since this was the first attempt at an edit since summer, I think the body of this entry requires three paragraphs, no more. Then I’ll write a closing paragraph for a textbook five-paragraph article that all started with the opening paragraph!

I took my camera and tripod to work knowing I’d skate after work. On my lunch break, I had an artistic breakthrough. I simply set up the tripod for the god like angle of the mini ramp, and pressed the record button. I skated about twelve minutes on the mini, basically until I got the little fakie turn to rock and roll.  After that genius again presented itself with the angle from the A frame bank ramps that showed the view of the box on one side and then the ledge on the other side. It took me five minutes to simply ollie up the box. Thankfully after rearranging the tripod to the ledge. I got a decent noseslide in about three minutes. Then I took the tripod to the beach, and there was a built up sand cliff at the entrance. I put the tripod on top of the sand cliff ran down, and completely guessed a good distance.  Shortly after that I skated fast to the pizza place, and reported back to work exactly on time!

IMGP0785Midtown madness turned into a Columbus Circle session.  My not quite future wife was dancing in a neon lighted ballet dress.  Simon Heath encouraged me to break out the camera, and not since the movie Avator has America seen lights as bright as her ballet dress. The romance lasted just a few minutes, and then we set up the camera for the ledge. We skated aggressively, each landing quality tricks. Jacob Koelher won the longest noseslide! I’m a coward on ledges, but really felt comfortable on it. Perhaps I liked it so much was because it’s lower than the standard knee-high ledge but higher than a curb.

No one asked me to edit the day in such haste and frantic hurry until 3 am.  I learned that setting up the right angle for the tripod is important. The beach angels are better, they are elevated on objects above or level to the viewing point, and the sun is shining. I take full responsibility for the ledge angle being too low, and the angle was way too dark as well. I think moving the tripod closer or angling it up, or getting a higher tripod would help.  Also, I think during editing I got too carried away with shaving seconds off the individual clips. Parts of the ledge tricks are too fast paced. All around though, this was a success, and I will make more use of my tripod. It’s more democratic in a skate film session because everyone can skate, everyone can be filmed, and no one is stuck with filming for too long. Lastly watch this edit and sing my praises!

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