3 Amazing Rolling Stones Songs Not On ’40 Licks’ Compilation


Following is a very important update on my personal musical tastes regarding the Rolling Stones. On January 27th, I wrote this, https://mallisonwhat.com/category/my-reviews/ . Since then for my library I work for I purchased a lot of CDs, including albums from The Rolling Stones and The Beatles. Over time I checked several out myself. From listening to the albums Exile On Main Street, Beggars Banquet, and Sticky Fingers by the Rolling Stones my opinion changed.

Perhaps other people my age or younger know most of the Rolling Stones from their super hits.  In 2002 the 40-year double CD compilation 40 Licks came out. Songs like ‘Paint it Black,’ ‘Jumping Jack Flash,’ ‘Under Two Thumbs,’ ‘Satisfaction’ and more songs are American music staples. 40 Licks includes many of their hit songs. I admit that my knowledge of The Rolling Stones was solely from this compilation that I had on heavy rotation.

On May 20th, 2011 I reviewed Keith Richards book My Life, https://mallisonwhat.com/2011/05/20/read-life-by-keith-richards/ . Through being amazed by the legendary guitarist’s memoir, I learned some interesting things and their dedication to music that went into decades of successful creative output. I still recommend Richards memoir, and at some point maybe I’ll get around to reading Mick Jagger’s for his perspective. Not until I listened to three of their albums did I realize 40 Licks is a good introduction, but there is much more to that group’s music. Below courtesy of youtube are three songs I love that are not on 40 Licks.

1. ‘Sweet Virginia’ on Exile on Mainstreet, 1972

Actually none of the songs on Exile on Mainstreet are on 40 Licks. But it is a mesmerizing album to listen to in its entirety.  They show off their bluesy rock talents for perhaps a more gritty sound.  ‘Sweet Virginia’ in particular is a joy.

2. ‘Jigsaw Puzzle’ on Beggars Banquet, 1968

This album starts strong with ‘Sympathy for the Devil,’ and also has ‘Street Fighting Man’ both of them are smash hits.  Listening to the rest of the album is pleasant and in particular ‘Jigsaw Puzzle’ has found itself on lots of my playlists.

3. ‘Dead Flowers’ on Sticky Fingers, 1970

This album starts with the smash hit ‘Brown Sugar,’ and includes the famous ‘Wild Horses.’ I enjoy the whole album. ‘Sister Morphine’ is brilliant too. ‘Dead Flowers’ amazed me when I listened to it, and I put it on repeat several times!

In all fairness to The Beatles I should highlight a song from them I’m mesmerized by. I’m sure I heard this one before. But checking out the CD, Abbey Road, 1965, the song. ‘I’m Looking Through you,’ is lovely

That’s all. I’m not a musician, but I’m a fan of music. Anyone let me know if I should write more about music or not.

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