(Over 365 Facebook friends, one tagged each day in 2013!)____

Last year close to New Year’s I came up with a plan. I had close to 365 Facebook friends, about the same number of days in a year. So the plan was to tag a person each day, and give a little shout out. Here’s a link to the original plan. https://mallisonwhat.com/2012/12/29/2013-matthew-allison-facebook-challenge/

Over the course of the year, I ended remarking how I met a person, and what part of my life I knew them. My facebook feed of people I regularly see today is a good mix of New York City skateboarders, library colleagues and some family.  However from my past I have several people from Baltimore when I moved away in 1992. I have a huge amount of people from Maumee Valley, the high school I went to in Toledo. I have a lot of skateboarders from Toledo, a lot of friends from Barnes & Noble store #2591, some people from my undergrad at University of Toledo, and a huge contingent from my grad school at Kent State University. I’m lucky to have met a large range of people in my life.

I’m going to highlight 18 examples of my posts.

1. Here’s an NYC skate centered post from February, and perhaps the most funny!

Matthew AllisonFebruary 8 (Over 365 facebook friends, one tagged each day in 2013!) I met Bog Dan this year through skating. He is really good and is a nice dude. He has a company, crew, or perhaps a gang called GNARMADS. Every time I see their logo I read GNARMAIDS. Perhaps I miss read it becuase of my secret wish that a transgender skate crew breaks out on the scene. The GNARMADS are on the skate scene radar, and bicycled from NYC to Tampa FL for the famous Tampa AM contest. This week they had a photo and art show too. Bog Dan is cool dude, if you see him at Max Fish, Motor City,Epstiens or other LES local, buy him a beer!

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Bog Dan rad! thanks 
February 8 at 11:16am · Unlike · 1

Matthew Allison Hope to see you and others on a sunday soon!
February 8 at 11:23am · Like

Simon J. Heath Best Tag-Bio yet, great writing Matthew AllisonFebruary 8 at 1:37pm · Unlike · 1

2. Here’s one from a good friend I learned to skate with in Baltimore County!

Matthew AllisonFebruary 26(Over 365 facebook friends, one tagged each day in 2013!) Chris March and I must of met the first day of sixth grade at Ridgley middle school, Baltimore County. In class I saw that he wore Airwalks, and I asked him if he skated. There were summers that we skated everyday. I liked going to his neighborhood better than my own, because we could explore York Road, and skate. He was good and inspired me to skate better. After I moved to Toledo he visited me and I visited him a few times. Now he bartends/manages a club in Baltimore that looks like fun, and has his own photography company linked below. Cheers!


Christopher March Photography

Specializing in beauty/promotional photography. High-quality images. Studio space available. Local Business: 2,661 like this Like · · Promote · Share

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Chris March Thanks Matt! Cheers to old friends!
February 26 at 6:26pm via mobile · Unlike · 1

Matthew Allison I forgot to mention your drumming skills. Cheers!
February 26 at 6:54pm via mobile · Like

Chris March Lol, I always thought I would come up on your list in March!
February 26 at 7:06pm · Unlike · 1

Matthew Allison Almost! Shoot I should have waited!
February 26 at 7:10pm via mobile · Like

3. Here is one a Toledo skate homie from back in the day!

Matthew AllisonFebruary 22(Over 365 facebook friends, one tagged each day in 2013!) I met Charles Wiedenhoft in the glory days of 1992 when I moved to Toledo Ohio. He and a few others accepted me as part of a skate crew. We drove to far off destinations like Columbus, Cleveland, and Napoleon Ohio, even before I was old enough to have my own licence. Charles had southen roots, is a funny dude, and could ollie with super pop. I was happy that this October I got to go see him in San Diego. We hung out 3 nights and he has a really good set up workwise (still not sure what he does, some tech company thing), an awesome wife, and a house with a view. Cheers, I’m sure we’ll skate someday.

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Charles Wiedenhoft Scary those glory days seem like yesterday… where did the 20+ years go! Lots of fun and awesome memories 
February 22 at 3:16pm · Unlike · 1

Mathew Fräntzen Charles.
February 22 at 9:30pm · Like

Mathew Fräntzen The homie.
February 22 at 9:30pm · Like

Matthew Allison I was a homie too! It would be great to find pictures of all of us in our super baggy phase. 
February 22 at 11:36pm via mobile · Like

4. Here is the last 365 post of my best friend from high school!

Matthew AllisonDecember 10(Over 365 Facebook friends, one tagged each day in 2013!) Zia Khan is my best friend from high school. We drove up to Detroit from Toledo so many times to see shows. Zia introduced me to Peter Tosh, Primal Scream, Spritualized, The Doves, and more. Zia also has a heart of gold and is a great friend. He had a family now. Hope to see you soon bro, it’s been too long!

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Zia Khan Finally!!! Lol nice one Matthew.
December 10 at 4:49pm via mobile · Unlike · 1

Matthew Allison Saved the best for last. Hope to see you soon.
December 10 at 4:58pm · Like · 1

Zia Khan Reunion on the cards for 2014!!!
December 10 at 4:59pm via mobile · Unlike · 1

Matthew Allison I’ll be in Toledo like the last week in April, we should coordinate.
December 10 at 4:59pm · Like

5. Here’s one for my wonderful creative writing teacher and advisor from undergrad at UT!

Matthew Allison(Over 365 facebook friends, one tagged each day in 2013!) Jane Bradley was my creative writing professor and counselor for my undergrad at University of Toledo. Amazingly over a decade later we reconnected on facebook, and she’s giving me writing advice since then! She’s an amazing professor and writer. Check out her recent intense novel linked below! http://www.amazon.com/You-Believers-Jane-Bradley/dp/1609530675/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1368991965&sr=1-1&keywords=you+believeYou Believers


A young woman goes missing, and her mother uproots her life to find her daughter. A professional searcher with uncanny empathetic skill works to find the missing and to comfort desperate loved ones left behind. A tortured young man hell-bent on destruction leaves a trail of pain, sorrow and even …

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Jane Bradley Wow, thank you for posting this. It’s a good time to stir up new sales. I just finished the sequel to the book: The Snow Queen of Atlanta. It’s now with my agent. FIngers crossed she’ll love it. In any case it is very thoughtful of you, for sharing your kind words and your recommendation. Hope to see you again next time I’m in NYC. No plans in the works-yet.
May 19 at 3:46pm · Unlike · 2

Matthew Allison Great! Glad to hear the sequel may be coming out!
May 19 at 3:49pm · Like

Angelina Seraphina Belmonte Love it wok it.
May 19 at 3:55pm via mobile · Unlike · 1

Sarah Osborn Love the book! My eye doctor actually lent it to me.
May 19 at 4:17pm via mobile · Unlike · 2

6. I worked for Barnes & Noble in Toledo from 2000 to 2004, and met some cool people.

Matthew AllisonMay 29(Over 365 facebook friends, one tagged each day in 2013!) I consider Jeff Michaels one of my best friend’s, we worked together at Barnes & Noble, and he is perhaps the only person outside of family that I talk to regularly on the phone. He’s genuine, funny, and an aspiring writer like myself. Last night we went to the Toledo Casino, it was rad. Cheers!

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Yolanda Cousino Hey Matt we were there at 6am this morning to help them celebrate their one year anniversary. See ya Friday morning
May 29 at 10:06pm via mobile · Unlike · 1

Jeff Michaels Thanks Matt!
May 29 at 10:24pm · Unlike · 1

Matthew Allison Check your email Jeff! I suggested we go to the casino again tomorrow night. What do you think? See you Friday morning Barb!
May 29 at 10:27pm via mobile · Like

7. The Tinta!

Matthew Allison shared a link.August 8(Over 365 facebook friends, one tagged each day in 2013!) I kind of think that Mark Tinta was jaded and pessimistic by the time he could talk at age two. I worked with him at the Barnes & Noble in Toledo from 2000 to 2004 and his humor with a negative quality to it was appreciated by everyone. He is also a talented writer with many newspaper and magazine cred. Here is Mark’s movie review blog. Mark’s a good one, cheers!

 Good Efficient Butchery


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Cindy Camargo Dugan, Doug Kinsey, Simon J. Heath and 3 others like this.

Mark Tinta Ha! Thanks Matt!
August 8 at 11:05am · Unlike · 1

8. Sackmann was a high school friend, and also a close friend in the BN years.

Matthew AllisonAugust 21(Over 365 facebook friends, one tagged each day in 2013!) Fueled by a good mix of literature, and degeneracy Matthew Sackmann is a free spirit with a perpetual smile on his face. We went to the same high school and graduated in the same class in 95. Six odd years later we started hanging in Toledo, and it was a fun time. Matt is currently working on his PHD in English down in Louisiana, and I’m sure will be an awesome proffessor soon. Cheers bro!

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Matthew Sackmann Yes!! I’ve been waiting patiently for this day to come! And it didn’t disappoint. Thanks, Matt! Cheers!
August 21 at 2:58pm via mobile · Unlike · 2

Matthew Allison How close are you to that phd? It’s been too long, hope all is well!
August 21 at 3:04pm via mobile · Like

Matthew Sackmann Two more years, getting there. Only thing left is to write this stupid dissertation.
August 21 at 6:47pm via mobile · Unlike · 2

9. A Share!

My skate friend Matt actually shared my post!

Mathew FräntzenAugust 15

Each day my friend Matthew Allison has been writing something about each one of his friends on FB, and how he met them, etc. Today it was me. Cool idea, thanks Matt!

(Over 365 facebook friends, one tagged each day in 2013!) I met Mathew Fräntzen in 1992 shortly after moving to Toledo. He’s really good at skating. I remember him eying a 5 foot gap to 5 foot drop outside the UT field house, we got kicked out before he could try it. Super good pop. He’s always been nice and encouraging to me and others. Today he rips up Cincinatti and works in foresstry/environmental fields. Cheers!


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You and 6 others like this.

Matthew Allison Thanks for sharing Matt! Hope to skate with you at some point. Cheers!
August 15 at 9:35pm via mobile · Like · 1

10. This is for my grad professor and advisor at Kent State!

Matthew AllisonAugust 2

(Over 365 facebook friends, one tagged each day in 2013!) Marcia Zeng is a professor at the Kent State MLIS (library) school. She is well known in the meta-data field which is cataloging and organizing the internet. She was my advisor, a really excellent teacher and a great person. I’m lucky to have been taught by her. Cheers!

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Marcia Zeng, Simon J. Heath and 2 others like this.

Marcia Zeng Thanks, Matt. Kent SLIS is proud to have you — an excellent librarian and a young leader in our profession.
August 2 at 4:55pm · Unlike · 2

Matthew Allison Thanks Marcia!
August 2 at 5:06pm · Like

11. Here’s to our good friend from Kent State!

Matthew AllisonMarch 10

(Over 365 facebook friends one tagged each day in 2013!) I met Crystal Downer when I moved to Kent State, and she was dating my good friend Tim (who is still my roommate). I never felt like a third wheel while hanging out with them, but felt comfortable like family. Crystal before then went to Uzbekistan through the peace corps and always added entertaining things to the discussions. Cheers and I hope to see you again someday!

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Jakea Mcghaney, Crystal Downer and 2 others like this.

Crystal Downer We will visit you guys in NYC once we get settled into our home and have the freedom to travel.
March 10 at 3:59pm · Unlike · 1

Matthew Allison Always welcome Crystal!
March 10 at 8:41pm via mobile · Like · 1

12. This is for Tara, and shows what I intended to do, to shout out to people!

Matthew AllisonNovember 12

(Over 365 Facebook friends, one tagged each day in 2013!) Tara Lannen-Stanton is my amazing colleague and friend. She works in the department that specializes in tech training and job readiness. Right after Storm Sandy she foresaw the need for emergency information. She’s one of the best! Cheers!

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Sarah Osborn, Simon J. Heath, Jakea Mcghaney and 2 others like this.

Tara Lannen-Stanton Thanks Matt! It is truly a pleasure to work with you!
November 12 at 1:14pm · Unlike · 1

Matthew Allison Nice seeing you this morning too. The tablets are exciting.
November 12 at 1:55pm · Like · 1

13. I’m glad that Dale posts regularly on facebook!

Matthew AllisonMarch 13

(Over 365 facebook friends, one tagged each day in 2013!) Dale McNeill worked at Queens Library as an administrator. He was always open to questions and gave me some solid career advice when I was a new library manager. He also was active and went to ULU gatherings, so I got hang out with him socially. For everyone that is facebook friends with Dale knows he is very active posting daily, and he lets everyone in on ‘this day in time’ facts. Now he lives in or around San Antonio Texas. Cheers!

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Jasmin Amely, Anne Marie Clarke, Leah Goldschmitt and 4 others like this.

Dale McNeill Thanks, Matt. I admire your daily posts about friends. And I’m really happy that you’ve found that I gave some good advice. I think it’s really important to share our experiences so that others may benefit.
March 13 at 11:57am via mobile · Unlike · 1

14. I worked with Vijay for about 2 years at Seaside, and I’m glad we are friends!

Matthew AllisonNovember 28

(Over 365 facebook friends, one tagged each day in 2013!) I worked with Vijay Ramanathan for a few years at Seaside and we became friends. I admire that he is always continually learning by signing up for classes on a variety of subjects. I think he might have hit on something with the improv. Vijay is one of the good ones, and Happy Thanksgivings!

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Logan Ragsdale, Vicky M Zabriskie, Nancy Cooper Snyder and 9 others like this.

Tezra Caesar I agree Vijay is great!
November 28 at 3:13pm via mobile · Unlike · 2

15. Of course The Timmers!!!

Matthew AllisonNovember 19

(Over 365 facebook friends, one tagged each day in 2013!) The Timmers Timothy Milliken is my roomate! The Matt and Tim show has aired for over a decade a now since we met at Kent State library school. Tim introduced me to Henry Miller, Hubert Selby Jr, and a whole bunch of literature. Tim is the heart and soul of the rego park degenerate library crew, and is awesome. Lately he’s been on a bull @%#% kick that he’s done writing. Everyone should tell him that the world needs a novel by T.I.M. Cheers!

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Lastly, some of my NYC skate crew!

16. Everyone loves Kang!

Matthew AllisonApril 14

(Over 365 facebook friends, one tagged each day in 2013!) Eugene Kang follows the flow mantra. He is smiling all the time, and is drunk most of the time. One day he decided the locals in Washington Heights NYC were getting ripped off for skate goods by Bike shops, so he opened a skate shop in his apartment, Terminal Skateshop, made famous by MTV. I met him this past year through Slappy Sloppy Sunday, and it’s been great. Cheers!

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Eugene Kang thanks man, lets keep the good times rolling!
April 15 at 8:50am · Like · 2

JR Cronheim You forgot to mention he’s a woman ass wife!
April 15 at 10:25am · Like · 1

17. Sam’s the man!Matt Allison

(Over 365 facebook friends, one tagged each day in 2013!) Sam Parks is known on the NYC skate scene (and the Washington Heights skate gang) as ‘the beast out of Carolina.’ Wallies for days! I met Sam years ago through the meetup.com NYC skate site, but 2012 and 2013 we skated so much more from Slappies and the Old Bastard Crew. Sam’s smart, genuine, and I’m glad that he’s my friend. Cheers!

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Sam Parks Thank you Matthew AllisonOctober 10 at 12:16pm via mobile · Unlike · 1

Matthew Allison No problem homie. Hope to skate Sunday!
October 10 at 2:22pm via mobile · Like

Simon J. Heath ABOUT TIME! And Sam gets a new nickname… THE BEAST FROM THE EAST!!!!!
October 10 at 11:09pm · Unlike · 1

Simon J. Heath P.S. ARE THE Washington Heights skate gang A REAL GANG LIKE IN “THE WARRIORS”???
October 10 at 11:09pm · Unlike · 1

Matthew Allison Yes. And you’re the new member Simon. Congrats!
October 10 at 11:22pm · Like · 1

Simon J. Heath No… I live in SoNoLita, we have zero gang activity!
October 10 at 11:22pm · Like

Matthew Allison Huh. Where in Manhattan land is SoNoLita. I only know lower, mid and upper manhattan. They don’t teach the smaller regions to people in Queens or elsewhere.
October 10 at 11:25pm · Like · 1

Simon J. Heath SoNoLita ia a new neighbourhood I have invented wedged between Nolita/ChinaTown/Bowery/Soho/Lower East Side – I am hoping to gentrify the shit out of it and have put in a proposal with Pottery Barn to buy out the whole fucking block so they can set up a store!
October 12 at 4:13am · Unlike · 1

18. I’ve feel fortunate to have met Simon!!

Matthew AllisonOctober 27

(Over 365 Facebook friends, one tagged each day in 2013!) I’ve been fortunate to meet Simon J. Heath through Slappy Sunday in March 2012. Through the outback game show host exterior, he’s a great friend, motivator, and a force in NYC skateboarding. Plus to many of us he is the coach!!!! Cheers!

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Sean Gallagher, Sam Parks, Mike White and 5 others like this.

Simon J. Heath Love ya Matthew Allison, you are the King of Flat.
October 27 at 6:02pm · Unlike · 1

Matthew Allison Looking forward to skating next weekend. Sorry I can’t make it to Sloppy Sunday tonight.
October 27 at 6:07pm via mobile · Like · 1

In conclusion. 

Matthew Allison

December 11

My 365 friends initiative is done. If I missed you I’m sorry. For people that I became facebook friends with in 2013, I may have missed you if I already passed your first name alphabetically. Instead of trying to make it perfect, I’m going to stop. The point was to show that I appreciate the contacts I have with everyone through facebook. Without facebook, I’m sure there would be very little connection since I’ve moved around so much. For now, except for instagram, and my shameless self promotion, I’m going to take a break from posting. Cheers everyone!

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Jesus Trife, Tejas Desai, Addie Wolf Hubler and 37 others like this.

Leah Goldschmitt You did great Matt!!! I enjoyed it.
December 11 at 11:33am · Unlike · 2

Sarah Ross Mills Super cool idea Matt. Enjoyed seeing your updates.
December 11 at 12:31pm via mobile · Unlike · 1

Simon J. Heath When does the book come out?
December 11 at 1:12pm · Unlike · 1

Crystal Downer Still love you Matthew Allison.
December 11 at 1:13pm · Unlike · 1

Matthew Allison I did not record them in an easy to access way Simon J. Heath. I guess I could do so on facebook, but it would be time consuming. I’ll start with a blog post about the process coming soon!
December 11 at 1:25pm · Like · 1

Karen Keys I would like to do it for next year, but I don’t have enough friends. Hmmm …
December 11 at 1:35pm via mobile · Unlike · 2

Matthew Allison You could average it out, every other day, 1 out of 3 days, or other combination Karen Keys I skipped days, and in some cases skipped people too. I also skipped companies, shops, and organizations. Overall I’m glad I know the majority of my facebook friends!
December 11 at 1:42pm · Like

Yan Red U are a great and awesome friend and co-worker and ur roommate is amazing as well Matthew AllisonDecember 11 at 1:57pm via mobile · Unlike · 1

Leslie Dann I have too many but some I don’t know all that well and others are really sensitive about being tagged.
December 11 at 4:55pm · Unlike · 1

Matthew Allison I lucked out. A lot of people appreciated it. It was ignored by some too, but there was only one small confrontation, and we were able to resolve that. That’s a good ratio for me considering I am misunderstood sometimes with my writing.
December 11 at 4:58pm · Like · 1

Karen Keys I decided I could swing it if I just did Monday-Friday, and found a couple more friends.
December 11 at 5:07pm via mobile · Unlike · 1

Michelle Marcus I think it was nice that you did that. Great job!
December 11 at 6:08pm · Unlike · 1

Peter Mills a great idea and execution. cheers!
December 11 at 6:22pm · Unlike · 1

Elizabeth Morales-Garcia Happy Holidays MatthewDecember 11 at 8:54pm · Unlike · 1

Dale McNeill I thought it was a really nice thing, Matt. When it happened to be the day I was tagged, It felt very nice. And I liked seeing the posts about people I knew. But, more interesting to me, we all learned a tiny bit about you each day. Thank you.
December 11 at 9:02pm · Unlike · 1

Matthew Allison Thanks for all the positive comments! If no one minds I’ll use this status update on my blog post about my 365 friends thing. It was a good thing to do to remind me of so wonderful people who I’ve crossed paths with in my life.
December 11 at 9:28pm · Edited · Like · 3

Jingmin Zeng It is a great idea! Indeed cheers!
December 11 at 10:27pm via mobile · Unlike · 1

In this last post, I appreciate all the positive feedback. I liked Dale’s comment that people learned about me through the process of doing this 365 days thing. Obviously I fell short of a complete year, and I did not post everyday. But I consider it worthwhile and a success since a few people asked me advice on how they can do something similar in 2014!

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