Don’t Judge Any Physically Active Person, Especially Adults!


People who spend time on the computer love rants. The more hostile, and mean spirited the better.  One proves his or her point through aggression. As long as the word count doesn’t go over 500 words, people want to visualize the writer foaming at the mouth. Here at mallisonwhat, I don’t rant and rage. Even though I’m a mellow dude, here is my attempt to squash any opinion that differs from my own.

I hate the American opinion that somehow adults have to be at a certain expert level in their chosen physical activity. When America has an obesity problem, I truly believe the underlining snarky judgment keeps some from playing sports. Being advanced athletically takes time, practice, and patience.  The majority of people that play sports are not even capable of playing at a professional level. Adults with careers, and varying responsibilities simply don’t have enough time to acquire a very advanced level.

The world regards professional athletes with a lot of respect because they are exceptional.  Some people are so distorted by watching pro quality sports that they don’t value the amateurs and hobbyists.  I love skateboarding as a fan and a participant, but I think a lot of my friends don’t understand my obsession with it. Since I’m not throwing myself down ten stair rails, blasting ten foot airs on vert, or even ollieing super high some don’t see the point.

If any inactive couch potato judged me for wasting my time skating, I believe that person is the problem. Judgmental pricks that think adults can only do exercise adequate for one’s age need to broaden their viewpoint.

People need to keep moving which is more possible if they became passionate about the activity they do. How many gym memberships go unused in this country? I’m happy for all the gym rats that are in phenomenal shape from their consistently planned out and executed workouts each week. Exercise for general fitness is a good thing and something I myself should do more of. But humans are not cookie cutter as far as what motivates or intrigues them. I skateboarded as a kid, and enjoy it as an adult. I think most adults could go back to their childhood activities. Most cities have soccer, softball, and basketball leagues. Yoga is a popular activity too.  With running one can try to beat their best times every weekend. There are limitless choices for sports, and every person could find at least one.

My driving home point with this rant is that being active in sports benefits people of all ages. Sports as opposed to general fitness are dynamic because one can progress. With skating, I can always try to do the tricks I know better or differently, and there are endless amounts of tricks to tinker with. Getting better at one’s chosen sport is a great life motivator and builds confidence. So for people who judge adults participating in sports stop being jealous and get in the game, any game.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Judge Any Physically Active Person, Especially Adults!

  1. I agree, Matt. I still do two sports which I was OK at (well, better at swimming) as a child which are ice skating and swimming. I hike just for fun not to climb the most challenging peaks and best of all, I started taking yoga, which for the unenlightened, (no pun intended) is not for sissies, or as one jealous former high school friend said, “blonde women in ponytails). Yes, there is a yoga snob culture but most yogis are mellow and very down to earth folks. The practice also makes you more balanced and flexible, which is good for most sports, and can prevent elderly people, if they practice it, from dangerous falls. I also recently started boxing and kickboxing in middle age; my instructors are patient with me and I can slowly see myself getting a little bit better each time. I just ignore the haters.

  2. Thanks Leslie,
    “I just ignore the haters,” that’s good advice and something I should do more myself. I don’t know why I concern myself with snarky comments and negative people. I just think it’s important to keep active, and try to promote active lifestyles too.
    When I move to rockaway if it’s affordable I may join the new YMCA down there, and practice my swimming to get good enough to be comfortable enough to attempt surfing. So I’ll be trying to learn something new too. Boxing and kickboxing are probably real good workouts. I should try yoga too.

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