5 Random Thoughts I’ve Had This Week

1779273_10151949217721915_1049200951_nInstead of taking the time to choose a blog topic, develop my idea in an article format, and attempt a near publishable piece I’m going to take the easy route in tonight’s blog. Shorter is better, and sound bites trump a full interview 9.9 times out of ten. So here are 5 (the blogisphere loves stupid lists) random thoughts I’ve had this week. Remember it’s all about me, and dear reader I’m not sure what you’ll gain from this post.

1. —After around two weeks of not skateboarding, I start having vivid dreams of skateboarding. It’s always sunny, and I’m always amped in these dreams. The riding in these dreams is smooth, effortless, and more like floating than actual skateboarding. Yet at some point I notice something wrong. I pick up the skateboard and I can twist the deck around like a wet towel. Or the deck is an empty pizza box, or hundreds of wet spaghetti noodles tied together. What can it mean that the skateboards in my dreams are not the standard street shapes of the actual skateboards I ride?

I have no clue other than skateboarding is on my mind. I had one of these dreams Saturday night, and skated unusually well on Sunday considering time off from winter blues. If you dream it, even in an abstract way, you should do it!

2.–Usually I’m cold hearted when celebrities die or especially OD. But I was truly surprised by Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s death because most of the movies I’ve seen with his acting in it impressed me. Apparently he had drug issues twenty years ago, and obviously it came back to him. So since his death I’ve thought about drugs.  Even though I think people make their own decisions and drugs should be legal I’ve given myself guidelines. I never did heroin, cocaine, meth, or any of the hard stuff.  I’ve always stood firm on what I would not do. I think the world of alcohol and marijuana is really the only inebriation needed by humans. I advise everyone to avoid the hard stuff. That said nothing should be consumed daily, if you do any drugs daily or in excess that is a problem. Lastly on this I believe that most who used drugs can overcome their addictions before it’s too late, read Life by Keith Richards for his interesting take on addiction.

3.– One commercial on the Super bowl had a grizzly bear behind a coffee shop counter. Recently I’ve seen commercials with giant sized babies. There no longer seems to be a connection to the image on a commercial and the product being sold.  Growing up in the 1990’s there were a lot of people that did acid. Now they are all at an age were they work full time. I gander to say a lot of the acid heads of the 1990’s now work in advertising.

dry ice4.– For a genre workshop a few years ago I read a book called Dry Ice by Bill Evans. The premise is that a multi billion corporation and the United States government control the weather. So if they want to get rid of a dictator an earthquake swallows up that dictator’s compound. I enjoyed this book. New York City has had a mostly cold winter. I’m okay with making the weather for Super Bowl Sunday 50 degrees because I could skate and therefore personally benefitted from the warmth. But did they really have to turn the cold switch back on to give us even more snow?

5.– I had a junk food relapse today, with not one but two sodas consumed. Tomorrow is a new day, and I’ll start this diet. I want to eat less meat, and I decided on limiting myself to only three meat meals a week. One will be beef, one chicken or pork, and the last fish. That is much better than meat for both lunch and dinner every day. My sister said that my almost 3-year-old nephew gravitates toward chicken nuggets, and junk food. My sister did not say this, and I thought of this later, but maybe it is childlike of me to still eat so much junk food. It’s time to man-up and put a priority on what I eat. Other than limiting meat, I’m going to try for three fruits a day, and more vegetables. I also plan to get a few nutrition, cooking, and general health books from my library system.

Perhaps the reader learned something from these random thoughts, if nothing else that I’m a good daydreamer!

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