Attention Public: This is the Last Post Until April 2014


Dear America,

There comes a time in every bloggers’ experience when their lives get busy. No, I’m not quitting blogging, as it’s been great practice for my writing. And usually posting once a week is not that demanding. But I got a busy schedule in the next month and I think I’ll take a blogging break. A lot of blogs simply stop leaving a void with their readers. So I thought I’d let everyone know that I’m going to take a break for a few months. I definitely don’t want to stop blogging forever, so I’ll make it a priority to restart in April.

My main reason is that I’m moving apartments. I’m moving to Rockaway Beach, and I’ll be able to walk to work. I’m horrible at moving, and I’ve lived at the same place for over seven years. I got to organize for the move. I am going to pay for movers, so at least I won’t have to rent a truck and so forth. But I need to clean like crazy, toss a lot of crap out, and get everything ready for the movers. Once moved I’ll need to evaluate what I need at my new apartment, and my sister told me she would help with that.

I’m excited about my move, but I need to focus to do the transition well. Moving will take time and planning. Also with a little healthy obsessing maybe I’ll come up with cool ideas for my apartment. I’m sure everything with the move will come out fine, but right now I should focus on the move, and not worry about posting blogs. Overall I’m really excited about moving down in the Rockaways, and I’m sure it will be a positive change in my life. I also scored a rad apartment on a seventh floor with views of the ocean and bay.

My second reason for taking a blogging break is that I’m plowing through the process of typing up my novel. I’ve typed 38 chapters out of 64 chapters. In the next few weeks if I type a chapter most nights I can complete it soon. I think typing it all out so I can actually revise my work is a priority right now with my writing. I’ll feel a relief when it’s all typed, and not just a notebook filled with my horrible chicken scratch handwriting. So with my spare time I should type up chapters and not blog entries.

I blog on my own time without getting paid for it so really I don’t need to give reasons for taking a break. But I appreciate my family, friends, and people I don’t know that read my blog, and wanted to make it clear that mallisonwhat will be back!

Never die!

Matt Allison

(Special Originator of mallisonwhat nonentity.)

2 thoughts on “Attention Public: This is the Last Post Until April 2014

  1. good luck with the move………and I hope QL doesn’t screw your plan to walk to work by transferring you somewhere else!

  2. Ha. I think that’s unlikely. At least I hope it’s unlikely.

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