Turning 37 Means It’s Time to Rock


I’m turning 37 later this week. There is nothing significant about turning this age but it gives me yet another excuse to set goals. Two times a year, New Year’s and my birthday, my brain has a thought orgy of goal making. Most of my goals fall under the pie in the sky I turn into Richie Rich variety. All my life I’ve never had problems dreaming up fantastical scenarios. This year as I pass another winter I’m going to try to actually do things that will improve my life and get me on the way towards accomplishing a few goals. Never be satisfied with what you have, there is always room for progression. Now as briefly as possible I’ll list some of my priorities this year, I’ll use numbers to avoid confusion.

  1. Some say putting a lot of emotional investment into a novel attempt sets one up for heartbreaking failure.  To that I say other than work I do not have any real obligations. I’m single with no dependents, so time spent pursuing a craft does not mean I’m neglecting other parts of my life. Working on my novel drafts four or five nights a week means four or five nights a week I’m not drinking. Writing is a solitary craft, but overwhelmingly it’s considered a good pursuit.  Instead of setting a new goal I want to continue my writing and reading discipline I’ve had since September 2013.
  2. Today I looked up online that the sunset is around 8 pm. The sunset increases to after 9 pm on the longest day of the year. All summer has late sunsets. Tonight I skated after work only from 5 pm to 6:10 pm. By myself I practiced heelflips on flat for about a half hour. The trick has given me trouble, but the last one I did tonight felt very solid. Skating an hour after work most nights would do wonders for my skating. Today an adult skater is no different than the weekend tennis player.
  3. A month ago I signed up for a 5k. Training didn’t happen but I finished with a combination of running and walking. As an adult my weight has fluctuated from 150 to over 200 pounds.  Running to me is the easiest way to trim the fat quickly. I live in the Rockaways now. At some point I will need to take my shirt off in public. I’d much rather walk around the beach in shape with my shirt off when I approach women in bikinis to offer them suntan oil. It’s a no brainer that with consistency I can get cut from running five mornings a week and doing pushups most days. I’d look better, skate better, feel better, and remember vanity is a virtue.
  4. ‘Less is more,’ is a library phrase that I’m guessing originated from the retail world. I’m going to spin ‘less is more’ and put it to use on my social media interactions. This morning at work I posted like three links, a few status updates, and several random comments on facebook. During lunch while biting into my delicious fried fish Rockaway taco I thought about why I post so much on facebook.  I realized the more one posts on social media the more likely he or she can be perceived as a fool by others. Turning 37 I now will limit my facebook use. There are at least two lovely ladies that I’m positive were flirtatious with me when I met them. Shortly after becoming facebook friends with these two ladies the romance fizzled immediately in both instances. My facebook antics do not help my cause at all.  From now on I will only post on facebook for truly golden opportunities to self promote any of my endeavors.


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