Setting Priorities, and Self Evaluation

Dear Readers,

Last week I felt crappy because I received such little feedback for my epic book review post. No one cares if I write, and I need to realize that’s okay. I don’t get paid to blog, and never had a high view count. To attempt a popular blog I’d need to start over with separate blogs for skateboarding, librarianship, and literature. That’s too much effort. But I can schedule time to post an entry once a week.

As far as personal benefits, blogging has improved my writing. After five years and more than 250 posts I’ve documented my life too. Without blogging regularly I would not have completed my novel, and then revise it effectively. In this respect my blog is a success.

I’m an optimistic greedy person. My expectations are fantasies, so it is a downer I’m not famous yet. My future fortunes will come from selling my novel or winning the lottery, not from blogging. I am definitely reevaluating my future blog content.

Even though libraries are cool compared to other fields I need to keep my blog profanity free and non-controversial. As a blogger no one backs you up or validates you, and if your post offends someone you face the consequences alone.

I don’t want to attempt journalism. Researching and interviewing makes the process tedious. The bloggers that act like reporters do stand out. But I simply want to write once a week. If I wrote a real article I should submit it to a larger website or magazine.

Book reviews are good once in awhile. I’m obsessed with skateboarding and can always write opinion pieces on that.  For some time now I’ve avoided writing about myself. Early on blogging I’d write about my weekend, or a day like a diary entry. I now feel that’s fair game. If I lack ideas mid week, writing anything is better than nothing.

With summer, work, skating, and revising my novel I’m busy. I’m going to keep my entries short and to the point.  Now that I finally bought ink cartridges, I will edit every entry with paper and pen. Hopefully this process will produce cleaner edits.

Although difficult for me I will try to have fun with my blog. Maybe being so serious like the tone of this entry turns off readers. Lastly, obsessing over my novel is good, but I should relax with the blog. Mallisonwhat is still in the family car, but firmly in the back seat.

Word is bond,


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