Newsflash: I’m Acknowledging It’s Summer


Dear readers,

Ever since I started skateboarding at age eleven when I get injured, even slightly, I take way too much time off. I think it’s a deep-rooted laziness in my subconscious that I secretly want to be a coach potato. I’d like to believe I admire athletic prowess, but maybe I don’t. In late June I rolled my ankle. A normal skater would ice it and take off two days or less. I ended up taking off three weeks.

With work and averaging eleven hours sleep each night this actually helped me manage my time to get my manuscript ready for the Writer’s Digest Conference. Last week I submitted sample chapters to agents by email, and I’m waiting for feedback from my beta readers. Basically with writing I need to wait at this point.

In March I moved to Rockaway Beach, ten blocks from where I work. Life is wonderful in that I can walk or skate to work. Seeing bikinis regularly doesn’t hurt either. There are three more weeks to summer, and most of this summer I’ve been indoors writing.

I’m going to acknowledge that it’s summer. Each day after work I’m going to skate the mini until it’s dark. I’m going to patronize local bars and restaurants more frequently. I’m going to swim in the ocean, and be outside more. I may try to wake up early, by early I mean 9, and start running. And I’ll theatrically put in pushups and sit-ups for good measure. Right now my beer gut doesn’t impress anyone. But starting to run now I can get ripped by November. Then I can gain it all back over the winter.

Today I checked my gmail account I created specifically for agent submissions way too much. I need to chill on that. My focus until September is that it’s summer and I live on a beach. I need to rip on a skateboard, get in shape, and start getting digits…………………..

Thanks everyone for allowing my self-indulgence,

Matt Allison

Founder of the empire.

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