Staycation Means Get Moving, Shred, and Reevaluation


Dear readers,

With a combination of smiles and frowns I present this week’s blog post:

A few weeks ago I posted I was going to be more social with the end of this summer. I decided trying to find my future wife in bars is simply an excuse to drink more. Although I think nights out are part of being an adult they can become too frequent really quick. I think a change is necessary, but I’m nixing going out more. Instead I’ll attempt some positive health changes.

I’m on vacation until after Labor Day, and it’s a staycation. My main goal this week is to skate everyday unless it rains. Mostly I’ll go to the Rockaway Beach mini or the Far Rockaway park. I invited my crew down Saturday, so that will be my social event of the week. I’m also open to skating any areas assessable by NYC transit. Tonight I got off of work at eight, and it was already dark. The days of skating after work are limited because I get out at 7 most nights. I might as well skate until I have a heart attack this week.

I know running will be beneficial for me. Since 2001 I’ve never been consistent with running. From 1998 to 2001 I was trim from running, only weighing a buck fifty. This week I need to start running. I’ll wake up and simply jog for fifteen minutes. I’m hoping from Tuesday to Monday I can jog five times. Hopefully returning to work in a week I’ll be amped and make the commitment to regularly run in the mornings. It’s totally within the realm of reason to run. I just need to make a routine. If I want a model wife I need to look good myself or at least get rid of my beer gut. Remember vanity is a virtue.

After Labor Day at Rockaway Beach swimming becomes illegal with the absence of lifeguards. I’m not the strongest swimmer and always think safety first. This week of leisure I’ll run first, swim in the ocean, and then skate. The weather is predicted to be hot. Hotter weather means more bikinis. At a bar once a friend told me staring at woman does not work. Perhaps this week, I can try to talk to women wearing bikinis. Any suggestions welcome on this pursuit. Beer on the beach is illegal so at least talking to women in bikinis I will not flirt with alcoholism like in bars.

Lastly, so this post does not exceed 500 words, I plan to grocery shop. I realize a good portion of my money goes to take out and dining. Another goal for this week is to eat the majority of my meals at home, and see how much money I save.

I will also read this week, and I’m sorry to report there will be more blog posts.


The man with too many Adidas skate shoes and creator of mallisonwhat, Mr. Matt Allison

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