When Publicly Made Goals Fail You Learn!

Last week on this blog before my vacation I made some goals for my week off. On a good note I did skate 4 out of 7 days, and I swam in the ocean most of the days. One thing missing was running. I stated in my blog I would start running that week and I did not. This is not the worst small lie in the world. But compounded with the fact that I overslept most days and had too many nights out I realize my goals and aspirations are not in sync with my actions. Instead of changing my life positively I fell back into some negative behavior.

One thing I need to decide is if I want to change for myself or for how others view me. Therefore I’m going to try to make changes but I won’t post them on here. I’m not going to blog my goals anymore. No one has accused me of being a liar, but people must notice I state I’m going to do things that I don’t actually do.

I definitely want to keep blogging, but I should either write about topics, reviews, and things I actually did. In college I took a journalism course, and we had the weird assignment of writing our own obituary. My teacher, who wrote for the local paper, told me my obituary stated my aspirations, and not the highpoints in my life. Years later on my blog I’m doing the same thing. Goals and aspirations are fine to ponder to oneself, but maybe they don’t make the best blog posts. Accomplishments are much better to report, and make better reads.

Lastly, I know what I need to do to make my life better. Seeking advice from readers and friends through my blog is selfish on my part. From now on I’ll avoid writing out my goals. That’s it!


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