El Senor’s fall 2014 Collection of Skateboard Jewelry

Below is the press release for the El Senor fall 2014 collection, which is skateboard themed jewelry. Spencer Fujimoto is a skateboarding legend, a nice talented guy, and he makes unique jewelry. I see him sometimes in NYC on Sundays and he’s awesome to everyone. I’ve never worn jewelry myself, but I’m tempted to change that. In the past Spencer has done necklaces of the SF EMB spot, the Animal Chin ramp, and more iconic skate images.

The website is http://www.elsenornewyork.com if you want to check it out. On the press release he has Stevie Williams as a business partner and they sponsor some of the best pros in skateboarding. I believe Spencer does customized jewelry too, and I’m thinking about a collaboration mallisonwhat necklace that will be a limited edition of one. If that doesn’t pan out I’m eyeing the silver curb necklace, that has to be good luck.

Below the press release are a few youtube clips of Spencer Fujimoto!


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