Chocolate Slappy Sunday NYC Session Was Fantastic


Alex Corporan is a NYC skate legend, and he now organizes skate events. If you’ve seen his facebook or instagram feed lately he’s posted epic stuff everyday for the past week. Chocolate is in town celebrating their 20th anniversary, the Dew Tour was in Brooklyn, and basically it’s on. Living in Rockaway now I can’t make daily and nightly events. But when I saw Chocolate was coming to our Slappy Sunday Astor session the only way I’d miss it was if it rained.

Sometimes with events they get crowded, so to actually get some skating in I met Simon Heath, Jim Moore, Sean Gallagher, and Jacob Koehler at the Tribeca skate park. I got there at 11:30 and skated a good hour and a half before we decided to trek across town to Astor.

We got to Astor at 1:30 when Chocolate advertised 2:00. Simon and I went to Papaya Dog for healthy food, and academic discussion. We got back to Astor and started to skate, our friend Mike White was there. When Chico Brenes showed up I pointed my retro Chocolate collar shirt from the late 1990’s to him, and he seemed like a nice guy. Shortly after I started to skate. Kenny Anderson, and other sponsored skaters ripped. Some of the Chocolate team did not skate, and probably saved it for the official demo at the LES skate park later that day.

I was energized and skated with the rest. I don’t think there are many sports that regular people can session with pros, and I felt comfortable skating. At one point I looked up and there were skaters seating all along the opposite curb. I didn’t realize how many were there until I looked, but I’d say fifty people or more watched. Not everyone skated, so people that wanted to were able. I’ve tried an impossible to disaster before, but I really tried it on this session. I landed into disaster several times, but bounced off with bails and some slams. Someone more agile on the board would have stuck it, but I’m amped that I came close to getting it. Our good friend Gizzy Collado ripped the sesson. One skater I did not recognize but I’m positive was sponsored did a fast frontside 180 up the curb the hard way, and then did a switch frontside 180 wally the hard way off the street light post. I had to jump out his way but it was such a cool trick to witness.

I don’t think anyone can complain about the length of the session being over an hour, but of course the cops gave us the boot. With a crowd like that everyone knew and we got the epic photo first. I was so energized by this session, but tired too. I went back home to rockaway shortly after because I worried if I’d stay I’d drink beer. I decided that blogging a sobriety pledge post and then drinking the next day would be self defeating. I should have stayed a little longer to see the Chocolate team rip the LES skate park.

This NYC skate crew has such a positive vibe, and it’s a joy seeing everyone regularly. I’m lucky not only to skate at my age, but also to be a part of this NYC awesomeness.

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