Open Letter to Facebook on the Offensive ‘Skater Trainer’ Advertisements

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Dear Facebook,

Stop bullying me! I am foaming at the mouth in anger and self doubt as I write this. I find the fact that the ‘skater trainer’ advertisement is continually in my facebook feed offensive. Are you saying I can’t skate? Are you implying that my pop is weak and I haven’t skated since 1990?

Yes, facebook, I skateboard, you are correct with your fancy user analytics. I am not sponsored, and my skateboarding may not be impressive. But I am not a beginner skater. Let me put this way facebook. Do you put advertisements for the latest tricycle technology to bicycle enthusiasts? Do you put advertisements on how to walk a mile to marathon runners? If not, you are assuming all adults interested in skateboarding are beginners. Shame on you!

‘Skater Trainer’s’ normally sell for $30 but now are at the special price of $19.99. For this you get four pieces of rubber with holes that fit over the skate wheels. The idea is with these rubber globs on the wheels one can try tricks stationary without rolling. As I kid I did something similar by simply trying tricks standing stationary on grass. ‘Skater Trainer’ is a gimmick and true beginners can simply do the same thing on a patch of grass. Also rolling is a significant part of learning to skate. In five to ten years from now none of the Street League champions or pros will thank ‘Skater Trainers’ for getting their game on. I’m willing to bet on it.

So facebook you not only harassed me about my skating ability you also are putting a lame product in my feed. If you’re going to market adult skateboarders give me something cool. Suggest I read NY Skateboarding, Thrasher, Transworld, Jenkem or Crailtap. Or run advertisements stating twenty-something female models prefer older skateboarding men for companions. Lying is not the issue. Basically put stuff in my feed that makes me happy and not bummed out.

I still can’t live without you facebook, but just make it a better relationship for all adult skateboarders and myself.

Yours Truly Forever,

Matt Allison

(Founder of


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