In the Past Colds Stopped My Running, Cross Your Fingers For me!


I made two positive life changes a little over two weeks ago. One was to take a break from alcohol, and I’ve been okay with that. Secondly I started running. I ran four times both weeks. On Sunday I woke up bright and early to skate the LES skate park at 9 am. Then I skated a lot that day. For all this good work I got a cold that took me out the first two days of this week. Looking back maybe I should have worn a long sleeve on Sunday while skating so many hours.

Tonight after a long workday I got a bite to eat and almost ordered a drink with it. I was annoyed that after making these changes I got setback so quickly. Luckily, even though today was long, I think I’m over this cold. Sleeping two days straight helped. But my running schedule is already out of whack considering I have not run since Friday.

Over most of my adult life this has been the challenge. I’ll start a workout program or skate more frequently. Then with a cold, or slight injury I took too much time off. Injuries are more forgivable. In 2008 I got my ACL injury and even though I took a full year off skating, it could have been serious. I’m sure I over nurse minor injuries like turned ankles.

I lost count though of how many times I start an exercise program, and minor ailments throws me off. A dedicated runner would take a few days off, or a week maximum. For me, in the past, something like this would be enough to stop the exercise routine altogether. I do not do this on purpose, but my laziness sets in. After a full week or few weeks it’s no longer in my routine, so goodbye to that aspiration.

Hopefully staying sober, I’ll want to be active. A little bit of boredom, and the need to replace my time with something else should help me through this. For some of my other attempts at exercise I did not have the same mindset, so here is to positive thinking. I looked at the weather forecast, and tomorrow night is clear. I plan to run tomorrow after work and pretend I didn’t have a setback of a few days. If anyone has suggestions for consistency with exercise share them with me.

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